Wednesday, August 22, 2012

No Driving

My car moved very little this summer.  I am guessing that the car got started less than 15 times.  I know for a fact that the car was only started once during the first three weeks of August. I wrote at the beginning of the summer about keeping the car under 3,000 miles.  The odometer read 119,632 on the first day of summer.  On the first day of work for me, I took a picture of the odometer:

If you look at the trip odometer from this one it reads 319.  The picture from the first day of summer has it reading 159.  That means that I only drove 170 miles this summer.  That doesn't mean that I never drove, but it does mean that I rode my bike a whole lot over the summer.  I rode to most of my softball games, I rode to the grocery store, I rode to play tennis, I rode to Aurora University for my classes and I took the kids around as often as I could to places around town.  It was a good summer!

You can also note that the gas light is on.  The last time I put gas into the car was in April.  I am going to put $20 into the car (just less than 5 gallons) and see how far it can get me.  I told Melissa that my goal was to make it to election day on November 6th. Maybe gas will be cheaper by then. It is going to take a lot of riding, but that is ok.  I am enjoying pedaling around.

Maybe I could even keep the car under 2,000 this school year. We will see.

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Mom said...

Love your frugality with the bonus of staying fit! Love you too, EP!!!