Friday, August 22, 2008

Benchmark day

Happy Birthday to me! Yesterday was my birthday and Melissa took this list of goals as a motivation for getting me gifts. She got me a few things that will make getting some of my goals accomplished much easier. First, she got me a book to read about raising my girls in a godly way. I will probably start reading that when I finish the book that I am on right now. The next package that I opened up was a set of journals. I will be able to use this with Melissa to write to the girls in. The next gift that I got was a creative checklist that will help me to track my progress with reading to the girls. I was planning on making one but the one Melissa made is much better looking than the one that I would have put together. The last thing that Melissa got me was a set of bags to take with me to the grocery store. Overall, it was a really good birthday and I really appreciated Melissa's thinking to help me complete my goals.
Today I tried to see how well I could do in a few of my athletic areas to see where I am starting from. I have to admit, I'm pretty embarrassed about my sit-up performance. I will mention later to how well that went. At school today during my lunch break, I got a basketball and shot free throws. I hadn't shot a basketball for awhile so I didn't really know how well I would do. I took my first shot and made it. I knew the next 19 wouldn't go in but I think I shot around 65-75%. I had a lot of times that I would make three in a row then miss one. I had three times that I made four in a row then finally I got five in a row. I thought I would leave after that, but instead I just shot around for awhile. When I was done shooting I tried for one last time. I MADE 7 IN A ROW. I thought this was a good start. I wasn't struggling to make any of them and I could tell right away from the feel off my hands if it was not going to go in. After having that feel, I think this goal is possible. I think that I will try to get time in at school a few times a week to shoot free throws. I had fun doing it and I think I am really going to enjoy this quest.
Another thing that I did tonight was to see how well I could do with my push-ups and sit-ups. I started with push-ups and didn't expect much. I hadn't done them in awhile. Melissa guessed that I would get 16. I didn't want to let her down. I blew past 16 and MADE IT TO 26 PUSH-UPS.
Sit-ups were really embarrassing! I had thought I could make it to 40 with no problem, but...I ONLY MADE IT TO 26 SIT-UPS. I was really struggling after 20. This is definitely something I will need to work on in the coming months if I have any hopes to make it to 100.
As far as the other goals go. I read the introduction to the infant book last night. I thought I might have a chapter done of it by now, but I know I have it handled soon enough.

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Matt Weis said...

Way to go, Eric. That sounds like a great day! I'm so excited to have you guys up here in a few weeks... Maybe we'll go use that urinal together?