Monday, January 18, 2010

14. Do 50 Push Ups Without Stopping

Check out that hair!

I did it... With Melissa as my witness, I did 50 push ups without stopping. I haven't really had a push up plan up to this plan so I have adopted the plan that Matt has put into place. It is a lot easier than the others that you can find out on the internet. I started with 25 push ups every morning the first week, then I increased by 5 push ups a week for the next 4 weeks. Today was my third day of doing 50 this week. I'm going to keep this same schedule and see if I can take it to 100. I haven't quite gotten into the same routine with sit ups, but I plan to keep the same schedule as it gets started.
Nothing gets the heart going in the morning like 50 push ups - The best part is that it only takes 50 seconds!

Here's a video of Maddie giving a push up a try. She couldn't quite get to one. She'll keep trying!

Another goal done! 7 of 11 done for the month. Hopefully I will get the other 4 done in the coming weeks.


Matt Weis said...

Way to go! 50's not easy!

J-Rev said...

I think those are a new style of push-ups.

Mom said...

Another example of how you are such a wonderful role model! Maddie was trying so hard to be just like Daddy! Great job, Eric!