Tuesday, January 26, 2010

36. Learn how to tie 5 different types of knots and their uses

This was another one of those goals that I just threw on the list because I was so desparate to find goals to get up to 101 that I just thought it sounded good enough so I added it in. I can say that I am glad that I put it onto the list. I'm not much of a rope expert, nor do I find myself using them too often. The problem is when I do need to tie a knot, I usually just end up making a bow knot (How you tie your shoes) or I end up making a knot that slips and doesn't hold how I want it to. Due to these shortfalls, I am happy to announce that I have found a couple of knots that should meet my needs for attaching rope for different situations.

Through the last couple of weeks I have had one of my students tutoring me with a few knots. He is the ring leader of the class who is always asking how my goals are doing and wants to start his own blog to keep up with his list. He's a great kid and wants to help. He's also a Boy Scout! When I was looking over my goals one day, I asked him if he could teach me some knots. He was VERY eager to show me some and to help me attain this goal. I asked for knots that would serve different purposes and would help to give me a broad area of uses when the time comes.

Here are the knots that I have learned over the past few weeks:

Square knot or Reef knot

This is a common knot, but if done incorrectly, it will slip on you and not be very effective.

Alpine Butterfly

This is a fun knot to tie. It doesn't slip and it can be done at any part of the rope, you don't need to find the end of the rope to make it.

Sheet Bend

This can be used to tie two different types or sizes of ropes together.

Constrictor knot

This knot is useful when you want to attach a piece of rope to another one in the middle of the rope. It doesn't move. I don't know how it doesn't slide, but it is solid!

Hangman's knot or Noose

This knot was a group effort from Matt and me to learn. They definitely don't teach it to fourth grade Boy Scouts. It is a useful knot for holding suspended items secure, but it's dark past makes it one that I might not be using it but for special occasions.The more loops you make around the rope, the more secure the rope will be.

Pictures don't really do too much justice for the knots. They all look the same when you look at them in the pictures.

Overall, I'm happy with the small collection of knots that I have learned and now know that when I need to tie a rope, I should have a way to secure it!

Another goal down! 10 of 11 for the month! One more to go. Not so sure if I will get it in time or not.


Mom said...

I don't know how I missed this blog for so long. It suddenly appeared on my computer just now! Congratulations on once again getting a student involved in your goals. You are being a wonderful role model for these kids! You can show me your knots when I see you next time!

Eric Weis said...

I posted it at the same time as the marathon post. I would love to show off my knot tying skills for you.