Wednesday, January 20, 2010

30. Learn how to count to ten in five languages

This one is done. I made an attempt to do it about a year ago, but never got to a point where I could keep all of them apart. Matt and I had worked on them during one of our road trips down to run a marathon. I just kept getting them all mixed up and never really had all of them down. This time I decided to take the approach of learning one set of numbers each week. I took this from Matt's efforts with push ups. If you do a little at a time, you can get it all done. It is slower, but it is done. Hopefully for me I will have these numbers down for awhile.
The languages I picked were Spanish, American Sign Language, French, Japanese, and Sinhalese. Spanish was easy, as was ASL. I already knew them pretty well. French and Japanese were two of the languages that I tried a year ago so it was just some refreshing to get them again. Sinhalese was the tough one.
As I have shared before, I talk with my students about my goals. One of my students told me that I should learn to count to ten in his home language. His family is from Sri Lanka. The language he uses is Sinhalese and he was excited to share with me the numbers. I worked on them for a week and a half until I finally had them all down. There isn't much of a pattern to them, but I got them. I tried yesterday but got a few mixed up. Today I recited them to him and he said I did them perfect. This is another of those goals that was easy to do as long as I put the time in.
Another goal down! 8 of 11 for the month!

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Good job, Eric!