Wednesday, January 6, 2010

93. Go to bed right after the girls to read, each night for a week

Last night was my final night of reading. I initially began on December 28th, but went to the Bulls game on the 29th, so I had to start over. This was an interesting goal. I was not for lack of material to read. I went between three different books.

The first was the Bible. I finished Exodus and am on to Leviticus. I have continued to read a lot out of I've liked reading it online as it gives me chances to read during free moments I get at school as well as when I am in the living room at home. Exodus was pretty interesting at the beginning when God was unleashing chaos on the Egyptians through the plagues, but it got pretty interesting in the later part when God was telling Moses what specifications the temple should have when it was built and later God telling Moses how to properly offer sacrifices/offerings to him. Not only is it tough to read, but it is very repetitive. Now I know why not too many people are quoted out of Leviticus.

The second was Robinson Crusoe, by Daniel Defoe. I'm not going to get into too much detail as I will write about this one hopefully later this week when it is finished.

The last was a book titled A Whole New Mind, by Daniel Pink. This book is for a class that I will be starting in a couple of weeks. We were told to have it read by the first class session. It is a pretty interesting book. It will be a good book to discuss. I've enjoyed it a bit, plus, it has been a book that has read pretty fast. Which is always nice for required reading.

Now that this goal is done I am going to keep reading at night, just not at the same pace (until classes start again). I enjoyed this goal. It was nice to have some required reading time to just read for fun.

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Mom said...

Good reading, Eric. I read 5 (middle school level) books last week and it was nice being able to talk about them to the kids in the library today. I want to keep reading at this level for awhile. I love to read and now it's my job!