Sunday, January 31, 2010

79. Learn How to Juggle

I have always had a desire to learn how to juggle. I always thought it looked cool when someone else would do it. It seemed that when I tried I never looked coordinated (still don't) and always ended up with all three balls on the floor in a matter of seconds (still happens, just now it's only one ball and it takes a little longer). I never seemed to have the timing down. I asked our PE teacher if he had any techniques and his suggestion was to try to juggle scarves. I borrowed a couple from him but really that didn't help. They float for so long it really wasn't too much of a challenge. If anything though, it helped with timing. I have spent the past week practicing juggling and think that I have it down. Here's a short video as visual proof (I made it short to limit boredom):

I'm happy with where I am at as far as juggling. I just like that I have the technique down. I have no plans on juggling knives or chain saws in the future.

11 of 11 for January done! I barely made it, but I did it!


Matt Weis said...

Way to go... not an easy one. I bet the girls are really impressed!

Eric Weis said...

Yeah, I looked pretty foolish when I started practicing. After you get over the fear of everything dropping and slow down, it isn't as hard. It just takes practice getting used to where to throw the balls.

Mom said...

Wow, Eric! And you don't even have to stand up! You continue to amaze me!