Friday, January 8, 2010

38. Robinson Crusoe

I finally finished Robinson Crusoe! While it took me slightly longer than a week to finish, it seemed like much longer. The book was very interesting to me, but with reading each night after the girls went to bed until I fell asleep I had thought I would have gotten a lot more reading done. I didn't read Robinson Crusoe exclusively, but it took up the bulk of the time. I also was able to finish the book of Leviticus during that time. That helped me get to sleep much earlier each night. Not exactly fun reading.

**Spoiler Alert**This was my kind of book! Robinson Crusoe is shipwrecked and has to find a way to survive on an uninhabited island. He gets some provisions from the ship that he sees out in the ocean wrecked but not sunk and uses them to survive for 28 years on the island. The bulk of the book talks about things he does to survive and his attempts to stay away from the "savages" that visit the island once every year or two. He finally he gains companionship with one of the men that the savages brought to the island to sacrifice. He named him Friday as that was the day of the week that he saved him. Their friendship leads them to get more things accomplished on the island and ultimately finds them a way to get himself home.

This was the fifth of my classic novels which means that this goal is done. It is sad to me because I have compiled a list of books that I would like to read but now feel like I want to focus my energy to other things to get this done. I know on my next list I will include this goal again. Another goal down!

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Mom said...

It is sad that our lives get so busy that we have to pick and choose from a lot of wonderful things to do!