Tuesday, January 26, 2010

15. Free Throw Improvement

Today I decided to use half of my lunch time to shoot some free throws in the gym. I have been trying to get myself into a routine the last three times I have gone in there and I have seen quite a few positives from it. Before I used to just go to the line and throw up a shot. I was more focused on getting as many shots up as possible and not really looking at the quality. Last week I made a conscious effort to slow myself down and to take a slower approach. My percentages have gone up a ton since then. Last week I had 9 in a row, almost beating 10 as my previous max. Today I was able to make 11 in a row. I was so mad at myself with I missed the 12th shot. A teacher came into the gym and I quickly pointed out to her that I had made 11 in a row. Next shot...You guessed it. Brick! I've learned that I need to keep focused and just shoot the way that I am used to. No one knows that I have a goal that I am trying to get to. I just need to focus on what I am doing. I am going to keep the habit of doing this a couple times a week during my lunch break to try to get this one done.
I know 20 is a long way off, but I am still feeling good about this one. This is one of those goals like the Time magazine goal where you just have to keep trying and eventually I might get surprised and get on a roll.


Mom said...

I know you can do it, EP. Just keep on your plan!

Eric Weis said...

That's what I'm working on.

Eric Weis said...

15 today!