Monday, January 11, 2010

100. Watch No Television For Two Weeks

I finally made it. How did I celebrate? By watching no tv yesterday and by missing the best football game of the year. I was too engrossed in cooking the turkey yesterday that I spent no time just sitting and relaxing to watch football. Oh well. I learned something new during that time so I can consider it a positive experience.
It was difficult at times not watching TV. I'm not saying I was never in the room when the TV was on, but Imagination Movers and Sesame Street don't count in my book. I think not watching TV was what motivated me to get moving on so many other goals. I know I wouldn't have finished the reading goals that I had. I also know that during that time I made a conscious effort to spend more time playing with the kids. That is motivation enough to stop watching!
This was my second attempt at this goal. The first one was back in June. All of the spring shows had wrapped up and I was off on a canoe trip for a few days to keep me busy. It all came to a fail when we were at Judson and took some relaxation time to watch an NBA playoff game (was it the finals?). It was worth it at the time to just sit and relax in front of the TV after the days and hours of paddling that we had gone through.
Overall, this goal was a nice one to have taken part in. I'm pretty sure in the coming months I will have similar experiences with a lack of television while studying for my classes. It was nice to do it with a conscious effort to go without, but I am definitely glad it's over. With a few new shows starting up again I know I will be back on the couch watching.
On a side note, ironically enough, I almost got up to $50 on during this time. While I couldn't watch the games, I could still put money on them. I am currently back in the $20s and trying to figure a way out to be able to truly get my cash. I'm thinking it will never happen, but we'll see!

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Mom said...

Before you were born, EP, your dad and I didn't even have a TV. We made a decision to go without and sold our TV to the Jordans. I do not remember how long we didn't watch it, but I do remember I got a lot more Bible reading done. I know I read (studied) the entire Bible in one summer.