Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The 3 miles I didn't want to run

It was terribly tough to get out of bed this morning. I know that I have always woken up when it was dark, but I am going to blame it on daylight saving time. After the first few blocks, I wanted to turn around, then I remembered I was going to have to write about my run and saying, "ran three blocks, then turned around to go home," wouldn't be the best blog post or the most responsible thing to do when my ultimate goal is 26.2. If I can't do 3, then I need to set my goals on something else. The run was fine after that. I ran at a much faster pace than I am used to and did quite well. As I have said before I am trying to run my short runs faster to be able to try to build my stamina for speed.
Today I thought about the talk I had with Jay last night at our Bible Study group. We talked about being the spiritual leaders of our homes and that we both needed to improve on what we are currently doing. I told him that by doing this blog it helped me to center my focus on my thoughts while running. I also told him that I spend a large amount of my running time praying. He said that he wanted to focus more on Bible reading. He told me that he wanted to read the bible in a year and I know that I have never done that so I thought it would be a good idea to join in with him for it. I said it might be a good idea for us both to spend time reading and talking about what we read as we go through. It is very early in the stages of this process, but I am pretty sure this will get off the ground. I might even add it to my daily blog. I can say though that I am excited and looking forward to what will happen with this.

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