Saturday, March 29, 2008

Easiest 10 miles of the year said that it was about 22 degrees outside. They lied! At times it felt quite hot.
I got to run with my brother Matt today. It really made 10 miles feel as though they went quickly. I really enjoyed running with him and it made the mileage go much faster than it usually does. It was also really nice to go outside my normal route and see some more of Aurora. It was nice to run some of the routes I did last year in preparation for my half marathon.
As we were running Matt asked me what I was thinking about for writing for the blog today. Up to that point I really hadn't thought about much to write about. It was hard to really get into a grove of focusing for this journal. After he asked me, I started thinking about him. I started thinking about the fact that I wouldn't be running if it wasn't for him. That is a fact. I also thought about how running has changed his life. 20+ pounds later he has really changed his and his family's lives through his desire to be more fit and active. That in turn has changed mine and my family's lives and I am forever grateful for that.
Another thing that came up constantly during our run was how many memories I have with Matt. We talked a little about things we did while we were growing up and about some of the people we knew as we grew up. I know he is my brother so this should be obvious, but most of my childhood memories that I really remember are with him. I also think that I remember many of his childhood memories that I wasn't even involved in. This is probably due to the fact that I looked up to him so much and wanted to be like him in so many ways.
All this to say. My run was the best of the year and I would love to have the same one every single day.
Matt, Thanks!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks, Eric... I had a great time on the run too. Next time we do that same route, I'll bring down my Beacon News bag to carry all of our sweatshirts and scarves. I'm proud of your commitment to the race coming up and I think you're going to do a great job!