Saturday, March 8, 2008

March 8th 12 Miles

Today's run was really tough!  It was the farthest that I have ever run on my own.  I am going to have quite a few of those kinds of days coming up over the next few weeks.  I just realized that I started my marathon schedule one week early so I am going to do this past week twice.  That means 12 miles again next weekend with 13 the next weekend.
During my run today I had a constant battle with my mind to keep going.  I don't run too far from home and I basically run in mile circles the whole time.  Every time I came to another loop I had to convince myself to go another loop until finally I was finished.  I have got to say that I was mighty proud of myself when I finished.  I didn't walk at all (except to drink) and I made it the whole way.  Overall it was good.  I think the best part of it was that I was finished before 9 am.  When I got home, I was dead tired.  Luckily the girls were in bed and I had time to get my shower and breakfast.

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