Monday, March 3, 2008

March 2nd - 7 miles

The run was not too difficult. I didn't feel tired during the run. I got up before church and did it with no problems. I actually felt pretty good all day without incident.
During the run I listened to music. It was interesting at times because I am not used to running with music. At times, I wanted to sing along or to play air guitar or drums. I think I need to reconsider what music I listen to while running. I know that if I saw someone running down the street playing the air guitar, I would be worried for them.
One nice thing about running before church was the lack of traffic. I can say that on a normal morning, I encounter about five cars. Today, I only saw one. I know that the roads that I run are side roads and safe, that is why I use them.
While I was running today, I couldn't stop thinking about all of the people around us that have kids or are expecting them. We had our friends over that are expecting the twins. Our goal was to show them that it wasn't as daunting of a task as you might think. Unfortunately, the girls were pretty cranky. They said that it was good to see us at our house and how things functioned with multiples. I think they are a little more relieved to see that it can be done.
As I was thinking about the people that I know that are expecting, or trying. I prayed for them a lot. I remember all of the worries about health and safety during our pregnancy. It is something that I still worry about now that the girls are here. I just want the best for everyone and really wanted to focus my prayers on them. It is a great thing to get the children, but it is a tough road to getting them.

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