Saturday, August 23, 2008

Another busy day

Today I had a dentist appointment at 7:00 am. No cavities!
After my dentist appointment I went to give blood. It came with a coupon for free Oberweis ice cream so you can't beat that. Giving blood wasn't that bad today. There were some issues with getting to the vein, but I have no bruising so I can't complain. It only took about 40 minutes too.
This afternoon, Melissa and I did some work outside and made some progress on the stones and the sandbox area which is one of the tasks on my to-do list for the house. After sweating outside I did some baby proofing and got another task checked off!
Tonight we went over to Casey and Katie Hartman's house for dinner and they ordered pizza. It was from a place that we had never been to or heard of before that is about a block from our house. The pizza was really good! That was definitely a new restaurant for me and I liked it!
Tomorrow is going to be a good day. I don't think any tasks are going to get checked off, but it should be fun. We've got church in the morning. We are then going to the zoo with Melissa's brothers and sister-in-law. Then in the evening I have my fantasy football draft with guys from church. It's going to be a busy day. I am just hoping that the girls can make it through it all.

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Matt Weis said...

Please tell me you're not just going to order pizzas from more restaurants to "complete" your goal! Just messing with you...