Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Journaling and Dinner

43: I started the journals for the girls. Melissa got me them for my birthday and last night I entered my first entries into each of them. I wrote to them about how special they are to me and mentioned some things that I had observed about them over this past week. When I got to the end I signed it "Dad." I teared up just realizing that some day my girls would each be reading what I had written to them. They are so special to me.

47: Melissa and I were able to go out to Red Robin tonight. Jenean watched the girls tonight while we went out. Dinner was also special because it was to celebrate my birthday. I was able to get a free dinner because we were celebrating my birthday. I like Red Robin because there is such a variety of burgers. I was hoping to get something in the meal that would have qualified as something I would not normally try #21. Unfortunately/fortunately there wasn't anything that caught my eye to try as new. Because it was free for me, I had my choice of having virtually anything on the menu, I got the prime rib sandwich. It was really good. Overall, it was a really good night. It is always nice to have a night where it is just Melissa and me.

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