Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I'm ready to start

I have just sat and looked at my list of things to do. I feel like it is a good list of things to get accomplished over the next 1001 days. There is a blend of things that I have wanted to do for quite awhile and some things that I should have done for awhile. I did take some things off that I didn't really feel great about and added a couple of new things that seemed better. Melissa commented that I have got a lot of reading to do, but I really think this will be a good thing for me. It will give me a chance to get away from watching television at night and will get me into the books and working on other things. That is what I am hoping for. I would like this list to help me get out of my normal routine that I have gotten used to and to get me to enrich and develop other skills. As I write this, I have just over 3 hours to begin. While I am not pulling an all-nighter and beginning at midnight, I am excited to be able to begin checking things off.

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Matt Weis said...

What's first? Where are you going to start? Please keep us updated via blog!