Saturday, August 9, 2008

New Endeavor

As this blog has taken a back seat to other things I have been busy with this summer, I have been thinking about what I could write about next. I stumbled upon a new idea to do that will be one that is pretty exciting to me. I have been reading the blog for the past few months and have learned a lot from what he has to write. He (Trent Hamm) writes about finances, being frugal, using time well and many other things that are in that genre. I stumbled upon a post that he did over a year ago . The challenge is to compile a list of 101 goals to be accomplished in 1001 days. It is the intention to use these 1001 days (a little under 3 years) to complete all of these tasks. These goals are basically like setting a new years resolution, but putting them in writing and being much more accountable to them. The goals are in many areas. Some goals are educational. Some are career oriented. There are some goals that are just things I have wanted to do for awhile, but just haven't had the time or had a real reason to try to start.
As of now, I am compiling my list. I have 78 written down now and am slowing down on getting ideas for goals. I will begin my list starting on my birthday, August 21, which is just under two weeks away. In the next two weeks I will post my list of goals. Hopefully I will come up with enough in time.
I plan on writing on the blog pretty regularly (at least once a week) to update my progress. I know that the few of you that read this will keep me accountable to my writing. I have really grown on my writing through this blog. I am excited about this new task and to have the chance to take on all of these new things.

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