Sunday, August 31, 2008

I watched a couple of movies this weekend

Last night and today, I watched 2 of the 29 movies I will need to watch in the coming months. I saw Rain Man and Platoon. Both Academy Award winning pictures.
I enjoyed watching Rain Man again. I have channel surfed many times and come across this movie. As I watched it last night, I realized that I had never really seen the entire movie straight through. I think that is the point of me taking on this task. There are always things in each movie that I hadn't caught the first time.

The movie Platoon was one that I had never really seen or heard of before. Charlie Sheen is the main character. Johnny Depp also has a small role in the film. This movie was not a very uplifting one. It is a Vietnam movie that gives you an idea of what life was like at the front lines. Boy am I glad I was not around during that time. It looked horrible. The thing that I left with after watching this movie was how thankful I am for the veterans that fight for our country.
I'm looking forward to being able to watch more movies in the near future. 27 still left to watch. Although, a couple of them haven't even been awarded yet.

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