Monday, August 18, 2008

Finalizing my list

I don't have much time until I begin my quest. I am looking through my list and trying to figure out if it is the list I want to be looking at for the next 2.74 years. I have removed a couple of items and added a couple. Right now, I need two more to get back to 101. I am trying to find things that are measurable and things that I really want to do in this time. I am also looking for things that can be finished quickly. As I look over my list, there are quite a few things that require me to complete multiple tasks before I can cross them off. While those things are good, I would like to be able to regularly check things off rather than getting things partially completed. I have two days left to figure this out. After that, I want my list to be set.

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Matt Weis said...

Eric, the blog's looking great. Maybe you could do an Ironman?