Thursday, August 21, 2008

Keep them wanting more

Jerry Seinfeld has said that the best way to keep an audience is to end each episode with the audience wanting more. That is the way to bring them back. Well Matt, that's what I do (being that you are the one that comments regularly so I don't know who else reads this thing). I want you to wonder what is coming next. Seeing that you are my audience, I guess I am doing my job.
As I started today on my quest; I got up, brushed my teeth, showered, TOOK MY VITAMINS, got dressed, took Sammy out and went off to school. When I was on my way to school, Melissa called me to tell me happy birthday and I TOLD HER THAT I LOVE HER. During my lunch break I went to the Library and checked out a book titled "Fathering your toddler" which I intend to have read by the due date on September 18th. I would say it has been a good day of progress for my list of goals. Tonight, I plan on doing my first push-up and sit-up tests to see where I am starting out. I want to first say that I haven't done a push-up or sit-up in months so I am not planning on setting any world records.
For dinner tonight we are having veggie pizza and I intend on having a peach/pear/nectarine/banana as well. I just need to keep up with all of these things on a daily basis. Oh and by the way, I switched my pop goal from 3 cans a month to no pop for 2 months only one time. My next post will hopefully update you (Matt) about the first couple chapters of the book. I've got a lot of reading to do and need to get it started!


Matt Weis said...

Screw you... either update this page every 10-15 minutes, or I'll stop reading completely. Happy Birthday.

Mike Moore said...

Happy birthday Eric. Is the pear/peach/banana combination a puree? If you are stealing baby food from your kids than you definitely need to start reading that book. My new goal is to read your blog every week. How about that!

Eric, Melissa, Madeline, and Hannah Weis (and Sammy the dog) said...

Ummm...Matt's not the only one reading your blog. Your wife reads it too!