Sunday, February 24, 2008

10 miles

Today's run went really well at the start. I didn't even feel as though I had been running, it was fantastic! I stopped to get a drink on my run and saw another jogger off in the distance. It turned out to be my neighbor. He was out on his first run of the year and we just decided to run together for awhile. It was nice to talk with him. I don't talk to him much, so it was nice to catch up. After leaving my neighbor, I only had 2 1/2 miles to go. Things were going well until I developed a stomach ache that wouldn't let me do any more running. It was really sad. I was doing so well and just couldn't physically finish. I'm glad it happened today rather than on race day.

In my talk with my neighbor, I just caught up with him about how his winter was going. Unfortunately for me during my run, I had to tell him that our other neighbor had passed away yesterday. He was a good friend. His wife is probably the best neighbor that you could ever ask for. It is difficult having someone living so close and not knowing how to help her out. Hopefully we will be able to figure out a way to help them through this difficult process.

As I was running I just couldn't stop thinking about our neighbor being gone. I honestly had wondered when this day would finally come. He had been sick for awhile, but it is just so tough having the day finally here. Melissa and I have struggled even more with this because we don't know where he stood with his relationship with Christ. From watching how he lived his life, we think that he was not a Christian. I don't know how we are going to feel going to the funeral on Tuesday. I have only been to funerals that I knew that the person was a follower of Christ. It is going to be tough going to this one. I am hoping that this situation will be motivation to to share my faith with people that are close to me.

In a change of subject, we met a couple at church today that had triplets. They are both teachers as well. It was fun sitting by them at church today. Five babies with four parents. If you add our other friend that was with us, it was six babies to five parents. It felt like we were the freak show as people were leaving church today. Everyone was staring and smiling. It was pretty fun. I am hoping that we will be able to begin a friendship with them. The wife said that she was finished teaching after this year. I don't believe she is still at school now. We are excited to see the development that will come in the future from this relationship. Stay tuned...

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