Thursday, February 21, 2008

Feelin' good

Today I am feeling good, yesterday was a different story. It was 3° yesterday to the 11° that it was today. I only ran 3 miles yesterday to the 5 that I put in today. I think it was the cold and the start that I had yesterday. I put way too much pressure on myself yesterday to up my pace and it wiped me out on the first mile. The second mile I practically walked and it took forever. The last half mile I had a really nice pace going and finished strong.

Today, I ran well. I didn't push it at the beginning, but I had a good pace. I got the full distance in and did it in good time. For the last mile I ran my hardest and finished strong all the way into the driveway. It felt good.

While I was running today I was thinking about setting goals. Yesterday on "Everybody Loves Raymond" Ray talked about how he needed to set goals for his life to make it through his mid-life crisis. Although his goals were pretty rediculous, it was something good to think about. It made me think of some of the things that I want to do. I know that I have way less freedom than I did a year ago with the addition of our twins, but that still doesn't mean that I can not do some neat and important things. I have a few ideas in my head for things that I want to do during my life. Some of them are big ideas, while others are just minor things. It is important to set goals and I am going to continue to try to add things to my list over the coming weeks.

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