Saturday, February 9, 2008


I didn't walk during my 5.5 mile run today! I slowed down a couple of times, but that was only to let cars pass me by. It was great. I was wiped when I was finished, but it went fine. It was pretty warm when I ran, I had to carry my gloves and hat for the last mile of the run.
While I was running I was singing and thinking. That is what I think made me be able to get through the run with no walking. I was thinking about our house while running. I thought about how people lived many years ago. My house would have been huge back then! And we are wanting more space in our home? It is a weird thought. I know that some day I will end up with a bigger house because that is how our world is. I think it will just be expected to keep moving into a bigger house as I advance in my career. I don't want to be that materialistic, but I think it is inevitable. I hope that if some day we are blessed enough to have a large home, that we fill it to the brim with a family or people that are in need of space. That is what my wife Melissa has said she would want and I fully agree.

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