Saturday, May 10, 2008

20 miles, what a long day!

I got all 20 miles in today. It went pretty well for the first 18 1/2 miles, then I started to think about being finished. I struggled to get home today. It was rough.
I started my run at about 6:30. I got out there and did the first loop of 8 1/2 miles and felt great. On the first loop I saw Mr. Stone, we high-fived as we passed each other. It was a terrible high-five. We almost missed.
On the second loop I did pretty well. I felt like my pace was consistent through the whole run and that I was able to keep it up with out feeling fatigued.
The last loop of 4 miles was the toughest. I started it with my head held high and feeling as though I was so great because I was going to have done all of the miles without walking once. Then I got the "W" word in my head. I mentally challenged against walking for about a mile and a half. then my body just stopped. I walked for about a block then started up again (talk about being tough to start running, 3 hours into the run.) I did it though!
After the run, we got to go over to a friend's house to celebrate her graduation from her masters program. It was fun to see everyone and to hang out with friends from church. After the picnic, Melissa's brothers came over to help with yard work. We filled up a pickup twice with mulch and spread it out in the yard. It looks a lot better with mulch. I'm proud of the work we did.
Lastly, I had a softball game tonight. It didn't go so great. We started off well, but then th other team got a couple of homeruns in and closed it out. I didn't play that great. I got on base a couple of times, but overall didn't feel the game went well. I made a few defensive lapses, but nothing that was critical. After the game I had to stay and be umpire for the next game. I did alright, I only blew one call which I feel is a success in our league.
On the way home I had my allergic reaction that I have had a few times in the past couple of years. My eyes swelled up and I got hives all over my body. Luckily, I told Melissa and she was waiting for me at the door with medicine to get it all under control. It's scary when it happens, lucky for me, it hasn't ever been in a place where I have been unsafe with my reaction. I am really afraid that it will happen to me and I won't be able to counteract it which will put me in a real bad situation.
It was a really long day. I did a lot. I can't wait for this race to finally get here! I want this training to be over with.

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