Monday, May 26, 2008

One Week Left

I can not believe how far I have come. If I think back to when I began this journey a lot has happened. I think to the time that I told Melissa that I wanted to run a marathon and how she wasn't a big fan of the idea. Tonight, Melissa told me of how proud she was of me that I had done all of this. I told her right away that I am not done. I am actually quite far away from being finished. I know that I have been in the training program for 17 weeks and have done quite well at keeping to the schedule, but I still have a long way to go. Tomorrow morning I have 3 miles. I have 4 on Wednesday and then 2 on Thursday. Then I've got the big run on Saturday. I really do believe that I will be able to do well at the race, but I know that it will be a totally mental thing. I am definitely not expecting a trophy, only a finishing medal.
Early projections for the weather in South Bend Saturday say it will be a high of 74, low of 54 with scattered thunderstorms. Let's hope that it stays around 54 until about 11:00 and that the thunderstorms wait until we are out of town and on our way back to Aurora.
It will be fun once all of this is all over. My next quest is to improve on my 5K time. But, as always, one thing at a time. This week's goal is preparation for the marathon. I need to carbo-load, rest, pack and just mentally prepare for the race. I can not wait to have all of this over with. I have worked for this time for quite a while and want it to be here and done.

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