Thursday, May 1, 2008

May 1

It's May 1st, I can't believe it is already May! Melissa wished me a happy May today, that was nice. I got up and got to running. Today, I just focused on speed. I ran one mile, walked some, then ran another mile and was done. I have got a 5K this weekend and I just wanted to experience some 5K speed. I finished my first mile in 6:50. I felt really good about that. After that mile, I walked for awhile. There are train tracks that I pass each day and I wanted to be like Maniac Magee and see how hard it was to walk on the train tracks. I started trying and did quite bad. I could only make it for short distances. After awhile I got pretty good. I would also like to say that I have not seen a train on these tracks in years. Melissa was concerned about safety. When I was done playing around on the tracks, I got to my last mile. I finished that one in 7:15. There were a couple of "hills" on that run that definitely slowed me down, but it went pretty well. I could say that overall my run went well. It didn't stick with the schedule that I am supposed to be doing, but I needed to give it a try before Saturday's race.
While running I was thinking about Mark 10:25 that says that it is easier for a camel to get through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to get into heaven. I was thinking about money that we have invested and other financial things that we have going on. I was thinking about how we know that now is not a good itme to move because of the knowledge of knowing that we would lose money if we were to sell now. I was wondering how long the disciples thought about this when Jesus told them to stop what they were doing and to follow him. It is true, the fishermen could follow him and if it didn't work out they could go back to fishing, but they had to stop everything. They had to compromise all of their finances and to follow someone that they didn't know and hope that what he was saying was the truth. Matthew, the tax collector, didn't have the luxury of being able to return to his job. If he left, he would not be able to return to his profession. He would be finished. Luckily for all of them, they made a good choice.
I wonder if I have missed a calling at some time because I passed it off quickly just due to the fact that I thought it wasn't a good sound financial decision.

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