Saturday, April 19, 2008

12 miles in what should have been rain

From the moment I left my house, I thought it was going to rain. 12 miles later, I had only seen a handful of drops. The threat made me think to stay close to home, but then I thought that would have made me be a little more ready to go in if it did rain. That would have been nice, but I wouldn't have gotten my miles in though. For the run, I didn't walk at all. I didn't even slow down to drink.
I got to run with shorts and a shirt on today. I started with a hat, but realized that it was even too warm for that so I had to carry it. It served well as a sweat rag while running which was pretty nice.
During my run today I didn't have my mp3 player because of the threat of rain. I didn't feel like getting it soaked. I ran for almost two hours with total silence. There were a few walkers out that I said hello to. There was even an old lady that was in her garage that I said hello to and she yelled, "Have a great run!" That was nice.
I had no motivational music, I had nothing to keep my mind occupied but my thoughts. I didn't really have any big revelations during my run, but I started to reflect on the blessings that I have encountered in my life. I have two beautiful daughters. I have a wonderful wife. I live in a nice house. I enjoy my career and things are going well in it. Our finances are in good order. God has provided for a great life. I just thought about how great things are in my life and was thankful for all of it. I spent a majority of the second part of my run thinking and thanking God for all of his provisions in my life. It was definitely positive.

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