Wednesday, April 23, 2008

5:15 wake-up call, 9 miles

I'm almost at my longest mid-week run. I did 9 miles today. It went well. I like running with the temperature at about 55º, it seems just right.
I didn't run with my Ipod today. I thought it would be good to just run in silence. Silence is something that is not appreciated enough. The idea of just being silent with your words, and silent with what is going on around you is just not done enough in my life. Today I ran for an hour and 20 minutes with no distractions of noise. There were the occasional walkers that I would say hello to, but that was all. I went to sing a few times, but the only song that could come into my head was the Stephan Curtis Chapman song "Speechless." ( The words kept coming to my mind. The idea of everything that saw was created by him. I kept seeing buds on trees showing that there would be more growth. I saw flowers blooming. I saw the sun rising. There were so many things that I kept seeing that showed me that all of the things around me were created by God. It was a really neat way to spend my morning.

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