Tuesday, April 8, 2008

April 8th

The girls are 6 months old! How crazy it is that they are this old already.

My four miles went pretty good. I stayed in the neighborhood but didnt' bring water. I think I am only going to take it out for any runs 6 miles or more. It went well. I had two dogs chase me for short distances. It was sad. They were both little dogs without collars. I had to stop to make sure they didn't keep running after me so they didnt' get too far from home.

While I was running I listened to DC Talk's album Jesus Freak. Early in the album is the song "What if I stumble?" I listened to the lyrics very intently. I actually repeated it once to make sure that I got them all. Here is a link http://www.christianlyricsonline.com/artists/dc-talk/what-if-i-stumble.html to the lyrics. I also lumped this in with Matthew 6 that I read today that talked about doing things to honor God and not yourself. I kept thinking about how I influence those around me. The people that appologize for swearing around me. The people that know that I am a good guy and that I go to church. I want to constantly want to make sure that I don't mess up. But I got to thinking. Am I trying to not mess up so I don't look bad, or so God doesn't look bad? That was the tough question I ran with in my head for four miles with. I am sure that I will come up with a decent answer, but I think I already know that I look for my own glory often before looking to glorify God.

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