Monday, April 28, 2008

18 miles

I ran on Saturday. I finished by 8:30, I don't remember a lot of what went on for my run. I have been busy ever since the run. I finished my run by 8:30 because I had softball practice at 9:30 and mowed the lawns afterward which took 3 hours. It was a busy day.
During the run I listened to music, I don't remember what, all I remember is that the strap holding it to my arm was too tight and it was cutting off my circulation. I don't know why I didn't adjust it, I realized that my arm was numbing toward the end of the run, but didn't do anything to figure out why. I just thought it was part of my body shutting down after running 18 miles.
While running I think I said, "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me," about fifty times. I said it each time that I felt my body was slowing down and needing refreshment. I really think it helped out. I didn't walk once on the run and I finished in good standing. It felt good to have it out of the way. I only have one run left that is longer than this one. That's an exciting feeling. I have a little over a month left. I can't wait for it to be here.

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