Thursday, April 17, 2008

5 miles April 17th

Today's run went really well. I got out running pretty fast (for me) and looked at my watch at the first mile and saw that I had just finished it in 7:45. That was much too fast. I slowed down a bit, but finished my five miles in 44 minutes. I kept up a swifter pace and it went well. I was sweating a ton when I got home. That was probably due to the fact that it was 43ยบ outside when I left at 6 o'clock. I carried Gatorade with me for the whole jog and it went well. My hands didn't cramp, but I realized, I really don't drink too much while running. I wonder if I need to start increasing the amount that I drink?
While running I listened to the Newsboys. I like them. It takes me back to middle school going to see them perform. It is cool that they continued making music for quite awhile. I don't know if they are still doing new stuff. I know Audio Adrenaline broke up, I didn't know if it was the same for the Newsboys. Two songs stuck out to me. "Shine" and "Not Ashamed." Shine is a fun song that I sang far beyond it's time playing. I like the chorus:
Make 'em wonder what you've got
Make 'em wish that they were not
On the outside looking bored
Let it shine before all men
Let 'em see good works and then
Let 'em glorify the Lord "
It just is something that helps to give motivation to really live your life in a positive way that motivates people to really wonder why you live the way that you do and why you make the choices for you life. That got me into the song "Not Ashamed." The title of the song says it all. It is the reminder to not be ashamed for being a Christian. This is the important part. I know that I am different than the people that I work with. My choice of things that I do and words that I say separates me from them. When asked why I am different, I want to be able to tell people that the reason that I am different is because of my relationship with Christ. I also want to be able to tell them that the choice that I have made here on earth to be a Christian will affect whether I go to Heaven or Hell.
Unfortunately, I need to become a little more bold in my decisions to share with others my beliefs. The idea of not ashamed is not something that I struggle with. I am not ashamed for my relationship with Christ. I just struggle with sharing things with people for fear that our relationship might get weird if they are not as receptive to what I am sharing with them. I need to be more bold in knowing that if they don't have a relationship with Christ, then they are going to go to Hell. That should be motivation enough to be able to share my beliefs.
Two good songs. I will make sure to keep them in mind for a future run.

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