Tuesday, April 22, 2008

April 22, 5 miles

Getting out of bed today was pretty easy. All it took was hearing the brakes of the garbage truck squeek. I didn't have it out or ready. I got out there with plenty of time. Actually, before I left the house, everything was still there. Oh well, whatever it takes to get out of bed. Today's run felt like a breeze. I had 5 miles for this morning. I ran it at a little faster pace and it went well. I even pushed the last half mile pretty hard. I finished in 41 minutes! I don't anticipate that type of time for tomorrow's 9 mile run.
Today I focused on praising God and being positive during my run. I had done this a week or two ago and it made my run go so much better so I wanted to try it again. I sang praise songs in my head and gave a big cheery greeting to everyone I saw. Today, I saw a lot of walkers out. I also saw quite a few people bringing their garbage out to the curb as well. It made for a big day of smiles with cheery good morning greeting to them. I really felt that it made my run go a lot better than normal. I think that I should definitely approach each run with this mentality. I felt great when I was running and I felt pretty good when I finished. I will definitely keep this up.

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